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Re: Advice Requested
« on: December 05, 2013, 10:22:19 PM »

My girlfriend wans me to go commercial, I am a programmer today and live good from my work. I was born in In Italy, but after 8 years we decide to move to Norway My father was in the oil-business.

Everything in my life, I tried to do as proper as possible. I never take big risk, but this time I don't know anymore. Its not easy to keep up with the "computer world". Thing changing every month.

My concern is that I have to charges 250 bath for a 12" pizza ( In Thailand is equal to one day salary)
My girlfriend have a very good job in an Australian gold mine. She is paid from an  Austrian  standard. That means 10-12times Thai salary.
So my question: Should we move to a more tourist area to fulfill my dream, risking the  good life of the countryside??

Sorry if I changes of your purpose of you treat.   

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