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Re: magic ovens
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Thanks walter!

no problem.  Things that typically go bad on these ovens are the pilot light valve unit (red button you hold to light it)  They have mercury in them and the replacement part is magnetic.   Also the thermocouplers go out often. Both are cheap fixes.  Another is the gas on/off valve.  Many will be stripped and people use pliers to turn it on and off.  Another cheap fix. The stuff that will set you back big money are the burners, stones, .  They should burn evenly and at a blue color, not yellow.   The deflector assembly is another expensive fix.  They can rust out.  The stones should be the originals that contain asbesctos.  The newer stones are no where near as good for even heating, heat recovery.    Take a broom handle and poke all areas.  I have gone right through the wall on several.   Many commercial resellers are rip off artists.  They sell junk and offer warranties but they won't honor them. Here are a couple pictures of the inside of my ovens.  You will always find a bit of rust on the inside and our lower oven stone is cracked which is no big deal because it fits perfectly together.   Note how the stones mess together.  The new stones don't have this.   They are just square on all sides.    Walter