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Re: Chad Robertson Pizza Dough from Lucky Peach
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Well, I'm in mid-experiment on the SD CF quest from Reply 15...and it's been crazy. Not because of the dough, but because a plumber inadvertently caused a tub to leak large amounts of water into the kitchen ceiling and walls..We were really lucky because it could have been way worse..helped that I was at the counter about to do make some dough when things went south..a good thing since plumber was outside at his truck.

Anyway, counter space has been limited, the kitchen is in disarray, but a Pie Boy must I cleared a space next to the giant remediation fan from the water damage recovery team and made test pizza. Work still underway and results will soon follow. Also insulation, drywall, tape, mud and paint

Oh, that sucks - so sorry - I can relate big time.  About 3 years ago, our dishwasher flooded the kitchen when we were not home.  Our son discovered it and we rushed home.  Hundreds of towels and mops, etc later, we had it all cleaned up - or so we thought.....All the floors in the kitchen and hallway warped.  The water had leaked through the floor into the floors of the bedroom closet downstairs (our house is "upside down" - the master is downstairs, etc) and that floor warped too.  And it went all the down to the basement.  We lived with plywood floors and Home Depot shelves for 6 months and then we moved out of the house for 2 months while all the new floors were installed, etc.  Then we remodeled the kitchen!  From the onset to the end, it was a full year of chaos.

It was awful.   I do hope everything was caught in time.  As unlucky as we were, it sounds like you are OK.

LOL - I never stopped making pizza!

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Re: Chad Robertson Pizza Dough from Lucky Peach
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Thanks Mitch--yes, we were lucky...and now you're lucky that's behind you. That's really awful to have gone through. Funny that you made pizza through all of it  :)  We're crossing our fingers that nothing else shows up, but the water remediation guys were here and we appear dry,`

SD Ball 2 is still in fridge..I'm living life on the edge! One little spoiler alert. Yes, Ball 1 did make pizza, did not become a piece of wet dough in the garbage can. Stay tuned  ;)