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My pizza making progress so far.
« on: April 23, 2016, 08:08:52 AM »
Have been trying to make pizza in home electric oven for quite some time now and here is my best result so far. I know Neapolitan style is not possible but I'm trying as close as I can get. Someday I hope to build my own wood fired brick oven for true Neapolitan style pizza.
I pre-heated the oven with baking steel about 1h and the oven temp was about 300C (572F). The pizza baked about 4 minutes with baking steel on top of the rack and broiler mode on.

For dough I followed AVPN rules, except my water percentage was higher.
Here are the percentages:
00 Flour (100%)
Water (63%)
CY (0.3%)
Salt (3.0%)

The dough was 00 Italian flour, but relatively low on protein (10%). For low protein flour I think that 8-10 hour RT fermentation is the best. Mixed the ingredients, knead about 20 mintues and let it bulk ferment about 2h in air sealed bowl. Then divided into balls and let it rest for about 6h. The dough balls did flatten quite a bit but I think that in room temperature fermentation and such water content this should be normal.

I was pretty satisfied with the pizza. It was soft inside and had some nice air pockets. What I didn't like about the pizza is how the fresh (cows milk) mozzarella from store did kind of blend and melt too much too with the tomato sauce (from peeled canned tomateos). I would like if the sauce would stay bright red and the mozzarella would stay white and kind of separated from sauce, what should I do to achieve this? Is it because the broiler element is so close to the pizza? Is it the wetness of the fresh mozzarella? Though I tried to dry the mozzarella slices between paper towels. Should I try that dry mozzarella which is sold like in blocks? Should I add mozzarella later, maybe 2 minutes after crust is starting to brown?

I would like the top mozzarella and sauce to kind of look like in the last picture I attached. I know that crust like this can only be done in wood fired oven.
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Re: My pizza making progress so far.
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2016, 10:29:06 AM »
Well, truthfully, 00 isn't suited for that temp and bake time. You could save quite a bit of money and get pies with bread flour.

Your cheese is behaving that way because of the broiler and bake time.
You can add it later, yes.