Author Topic: Pizza School. Is it worthy? Had anyone attended to Tony Gemignani school?  (Read 329 times)

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I would like to take a pizza course, but is an investment and I do not know if its worthy.  All my knowledge (little) had come from reading in this forum, searching in the internet and watching internet videos.

I had been researching for different pizza courses in United States and Italy.

If I have to decide today I would go with Tony Gemignani School.  Any experience with this or other school in US or Italy?

I really like the pizza making process and maybe would start some business project in it.


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From what I've heard around here many folks think it is a waste of money. I've even heard regrets about taking NP courses and that is where (I would think)paid training could be a great advantage.

Tony has a lot of free utube videos out there.   I would just keep reading as much as you can right here...lots of good people willing to personally help in an individuals particular questions/problems. Doesn't get much better than that my friend.  ;)
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Bob, many thanks for you point of view.

I tend to compare the investment on the course as an important part of a Neapolitan oven. It can be around 30% of the oven cost.

So maybe it is going to be wisely to invest on the oven and start from it.

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Try out working for a NP pizza joint, even for free, to get the feel for the work flow in a restaurant business setting before you spend the cash. It may be some of the best time spent if you have one nearby, just not close enough to be an eventual competitor business. Just a thought

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