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Re: Hobart mixers
« Reply #20 on: January 16, 2014, 09:45:35 PM »
Pete thanks for your in depth response and links. I do use high gluten flour, so it looks like I'm going to have to scale back on the flour and always use the lowest speed. Who knew there was so much homework that goes into choosing a mixer. :-)

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Re: Hobart mixers
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You will find the Hobart mixers have a fiber gear which is meant to strip in big overload situations instead of stripping metal teeth. I have seen this fiber gear strip once in 40 years of pastry cooking using the same 20 quart Hobart.
For bigger doughs a spiral mixer is better IMO just for the fact you don't have to worry about the dough climbing up the hook and they have set and forget timers so you can do other things while the dough is mixing.