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Re: Need advise
« Reply #20 on: January 10, 2014, 09:04:29 PM »
Bigmoose:  Thanks!  I haven't used that pepperoni.  I am not a big pepperoni fan and have struggled with finding one that is affordable and is something I can enjoy.  I found this one through GFS and it is close to the taste of ezzo and about the same price ($80ish for 25 lbs).  I like it ok but still will never take a pepperoni slice over a cheese slice.  Making something very simple is the hardest thing to do.  I think this is true in most all of life.  In music most people are impressed with a person that can play super fast.  Fast is easy.  Playing slow and placing each note perfectly in the beat is the hardest thing to do because if you are off a  hair you are off a million miles.  Playing fast you can hit a million meaningless notes and it all blends together into muddle. I find the same with mixing music.  One can feel real good using a million compressors, eq's, and such but the best mix is if you can simply capture it in a great sounding room with just a couple microphones strategically placed and a minimum of effects added afterwards.  Part of the process for anything is to come out with too much.  I find as I get older most everything I do seems better with less.   The pizza scene has changed so much since I was way deep in it in NJ.  Most every shop now in NJ/NYC offers millions of topping combonations. For me it will always be the dough first and then the cheese and sauce should compliment but not overpower it.  Today it seems to going the opposite way.  Walter
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Re: Need advise
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Long, long ago we had a temp. work agency called" Manpower" up North.

I've delivered pizzas to a Manpower office at least a few times. (That was like ten years ago. Not sure if they're still around.)

Disclaimer: Don't necessarily believe anything I say here. My brain ain't quite right anymore (unless it is). If I come off as rude or argumentative, that's probably not my intention. Rather, that's just me being honest, to myself and everyone else; partly because I don't have enough time left to BS either you or myself. If you are offended by anything I say, it's probably because you think lying to people (to be "polite") is a good idea. I don't.

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Re: Need advise
« Reply #22 on: March 01, 2014, 12:41:32 AM »
That's great Rob...good for you!   8)

Was this job at a pizzeria and, if so, would you mind telling us what city it was in?
Thank you.


sorry bob I just logged in after long time yes I was looking for a pizza  job in Athol ma so I just talk to the manager to give me chance and c my job with no exp and it end up with hiring me thank god latter he found out I was the best worker in the rest

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Re: Need advise
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It is great you are wanting commercial experience. Home pizza making is like another universe.  The  process is technically pretty much the same but the dough management will knock you for a loop without some pro experience.  The seasons, if you have extreme ones, will put your kitchen in a continual flux of temperatures/humidities as will the ever changing tap water temperatures.  Also the day to day business/paperwork/deliveries/prep/oven management, etc makes it a much more demanding puzzle.  That is why so many pizzerias have gone to crap.  They hire unskilled people that aren't really passionate and turn them loose with little to no training.  The converyor oven has keep these places alive.  If they were doing deck ovens they would fold quick. 

Bob:  I worked for manpower many a day when music gigs were thin, I was stuck on the road penniless.   I learned a lot about prison life, drugs, and stealing, in that arena.   I never took a job that I got through manpower because I knew it would only be a few days or so till I quit them but I remember manpower telling us that we cannot take a job from the company if they offer it and to report them.  I wonder if manpower is still around.   The best job I got from them was driving a delivery truck for PPG glass.  I would deliver windshields to various shops from the warehouse in Austin Tx.  The truck had a/c and a radio.  I stuck with that job a few weeks! Walter CANNOT stress this enough!!!  Besides recipes....there is NOTHING about making pizza at home that will help you commercially.  its a whole other world.  you NEED to get commercial is AN ABSOLUTE MUST!!!!