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Hi folks
« on: January 30, 2014, 08:48:52 PM »
My name's Tom, I'm from Hong Kong, and I'm joining because I've recently started to get serious with pizza making (at home), and want to be able to participate on here. 

Long version:
It all started when I was a poor student in the UK, with a small combi-microwave oven.  I didn't like eating out (didn't like the food or the prices), and wanted to be healthier, so I started cooking at home most of the time.  My pizzas then were probably what most of you would consider pathetic; I didn't even bother letting the dough proof most of the time, so there was no rise, just a crisp, cracker-style crust.  But I enjoyed them.  Then when I got back home after finishing my studies, I had nothing to do for a while, so I started exploring cooking more in-depth.  I started making better pizza doughs (actually letting the dough rise), and started to strive for pizza-perfection.  I began using a stone in the oven, the generic round, rather thin kind you find everywhere.  It made a bit of a difference, I was down from 20-minute baking times in my student accommodation combi-microwave, to about 9 minutes in my home oven with the stone.  Then I discovered freight forwarding, and thanks to a happy combination of both luck and mistakes, got myself a baking steel shipped to my door for a very, very reasonable price.  Unfortunately my oven is small compared to American versions (HK houses are tiny, so we don't have as much room in the kitchen), and even the rather small Sur La Table 14"x14" steel just barely fits with some air-gaps around the edges.  So I'm stuck with the 1/4".  Doesn't matter, it cut my bake times down by about 1m30s compared to the stone.  But I still wasn't getting the results I wanted.  So I experimented with the broiler, and managed to crank out 3m30s-4m pies.  I'm finally happy with my pizzas, although I wouldn't call them perfect by any means, and most likely by the standards on this board they're just average.  But they're better than what you can find at the pizza places here, so that's something.  Unfortunately, my oven is rather cruddy, and the heat from the broiler (which we never used before) has started to burn off some of that accumulated crud, which started dropping onto my pizzas.  So I can't use the broiler method anymore, at least until we clean the oven. 

And that's my little story :)