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« on: January 31, 2014, 01:54:40 PM »
Hi! My "name" is CCMama71.  I am a Mom to 2 active boys, who LOVE pizza as much as I do.  I am from Cape Cod, MA.  Some of my favorite pizza locations here are Mamma Mia's on the South Shore of MA, Marc Anthony's in Onset, MA, and of course - Papa Gino's - some people say this is so cheesy as it's a chain, but I really just love their pizza. 

I LOVE to make whatever I can from scratch for my family even as far as grinding my own meats and making my own sausages.  We never every buy bread or rolls as I make all that myself.  I am working on making my own pastas.  I do pretty good.  I'm a firm believer in that the more natural it is, the fresher and better it is to taste and better for you.

ONE THING that is making me crazy is I just CAN NOT make a good pizza dough!  It's either way too thick and bready (gross!) and never that beautiful soft, pull-apart pizza dough. So my goal here is to get some recipes and techniques to make a good, home-made pizza dough...and overall pizza!  To me the key to a successful pizza is the core of the pizza - the dough, then the sauce and seasonings, then the toppings.  My first goal is to find a "Papa Gino's" pizza dough recipe and go from there!  I've taken recipes from books and online and TV. And a lot of what's out there actually contradicts each other (ex. to roll the dough or not to roll the dough...).  We do pizza at least once a week around here so I really want to perfect it! Thank you!

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Re: Hello!
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Welcome to the forum. You sound like a great cook and should be able to get a lot of help here for pizza dough. I might suggest you look in the "search " field" and type in Papa Gino's.,8167.0.html
 You just might find a clone recipe. You can also ask a specific question in the piza making forum on how to make the dough you want. Include a good description of the qualities you are looking for as well as the oven you will be using .

Good luck on your journey.

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