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Grimaldi's El Segundo, CA
« on: February 02, 2014, 12:40:21 PM »
I have to say, it is nice that the options for pizza continues to grow here in the South Bay part of LA.  Last night we went to Grimaldi's in El Segundo, which seemed to take forever to open.  The restaurant was formerly the Daily Grill, and much of the ambience is the same, with an Italian twist of red/white table cloths. 

They have only been open two days, so it was really busy, but our wait wasn't too bad.  I did not feel there were any issues with kinks in service that sometimes comes with new restaurant openings.  Definitely a family friendly environment!

So after many years of hearing about Grimaldi's in NY, this Chicago transplant pizza snob was really looking forward to giving this place a try.

We ordered two pizzas...a large cheese for the kids, and a large cheese/Italian sausage for us.  Both were what they refer to as their "regular" pizza, which means it contains tomato sauce vs. their white pizza, or pesto sauce pizza.  Both pizzas were very good.  The crust (from coal fired oven heat) was very crispy, which is something you just can't find out here in LA...and we like in a thin crust pizza.  The quality of product was also very good.  The sauce does not go on the bottom of the pizza, but seems trickled through out, which is probably why they get such a crispy crust.  In some ways, it almost didn't seem that there was enough cheese, or sauce, and the pizza may have been a bit dry.  They use handmade mozzarella, and the tomato sauce was spot on...sweet with a nice tomato flavor...just wish there was more of it on the pizza. The Italian sausage was good, but not Chicago Italian sausage good...some of you may get what I mean by that.  We only tried their salads...there are no pasta dishes.  They have a number of beers on tap, and in the bottle...good wine list too.  Parking is validated.

We will definitely be going back, as a decent pizza place was sorely needed in the Manhattan Beach/El Segundo area.

For locals, a few other places you should try include:  Pitfire Pizza (wood-fired ovens) (Culver City and Manhattan Beach), Settebello (Naples style) (Marina del Rey), Paisano's (NY style) (Hermosa Beach), and one of our all time favorites, but a bit far for us...Charlies (stick w/their Jersey thin) (Redondo Beach).

Have a happy pizza day... :chef:

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Re: Grimaldi's El Segundo, CA
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2014, 09:24:26 AM »
I went there a couple of weeks ago and it's identical to the pizza I was served in Hoboken. It's terrific, but there's a some competition in So Cal these days (I can't believe I'm saying that). 

They need to step it up with the quality of their toppings IMO.. Hormel pepperoni isn't in the same universe as the Salumeria Beliese pepperoni served at the Luggage Room or the meats that are cured in-house at Mozza.  The sausage also needs an upgrade.  Fortunately for them, the high temp bake and coal covers up these deficiencies.
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