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Though I only recently joined the forums, I have been here often and have been trying to craft a decent pizza for months now. My experiments have all been on a Trebs clamshell model that goes to 400C unmodded, but were mostly unremarkable, with the base taking too long (5-6 minutes) to brown just a little and ... well, never felt right! I was all set to give up when I pointed a fan at the thermostat and ended up with an almost burnt base in under 2 minutes!!! Thats when I finally joined the forum ...

The first one I tried after the fan experiment, I had run out of bread flour and so used Indian 'atta' (low gluten hard wheat) for the dough ... I have no idea if the flour impacted the result, but the base burnt to a crisp in about 45 seconds... I then switched to something called 'kristal bloem' in Dutch, which some internet sources suggested was higher gluten than bread flour, but I have now discovered that its more their equivalent of AP flour. The first one, I was worried about it burning and ended up with a crappy pizza that was more bread than pizza. The second one is the pizza you see in the pictures below ...

The dark arc you see is where the pizza rose too much and ended up touching the upper coil. The trebs oven has very low clearance and I have taken to docking the base with a fork before I put it in the oven. I guess I didn't stretch this one properly, but thankfully it was still edible after I pulled the burnt bits off. The base had decent leoparding/spotting/whatever the term is. I could have given it a few more seconds for a better result, but didn't want the top burning even more. The crust was nice and bendy, and despite being AP, had a decent chewiness to it. I must say, the bread flour base is considerably superior to AP... So much so that I wonder why so many websites keep listing AP in their recipes! This was a bake time of about 2 minutes, with a baking sheet under the pizza (because I have no peel and the AP flour was a bit too wet, so it was impossible for me to get it into the oven without a baking sheet)

The lack of an IR thermometer prevents me from figuring out exactly at what point to start the pizza, but I resorted to letting it preheat to max with the fan running and then open the oven for 30 seconds to load, allowing the stone to cool a bit and finally turning the fan off once the pizza was inside. I am unsure how much the baking sheet helped in mitigating the crust burning process. I am going to go pick up some bread flour again and hope to get results at least equal to this next week.