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Re: Barnaby's Pizza recipe
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 I remember walking into the Northbrook location and hearing the manager tell an older woman that a lot of the Barnaby's menu items are inspired by two chefs, Antoinette and Francois Pope. If you can find there recipe for tomato sauce, I'm sure with some tweaking you can get it to taste like Barnaby's. Now I just gotta find that recipe.
 On another note, I remember someone telling me the crust is made from sourdough. 

Antoinette and Francois Pope's son Frank was the president of the Barnaby's chain as referenced here....

Like many of you, this is one of my all time favorite pizzas.  Every time I go home I load up a cooler with par bakes to bring back to Austin. 

A good friend of mine worked at the Northbrook location when we were in high school.  He is still friends with the owner.  I think I'm gonna go undercover next time I'm home, head over there with my friend and see what I can learn.