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Re: New Blackstone oven version 2!
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Yes I got your mssg and didn't reply because I didn't think there was any question. I get what you're saying. I don't have any desire to get into a pissing match with you as I will no doubt lose....and I would very much like to remain a member here.
I also understand that this is a volunteer internet community and I can see why you would like it to stay "friendly". I know I can come across as harsh. I will try and tone it down. However I would like to think that this forum would welcome all opinions, both good and bad, and allow its member to decide for themselves what is Good and bad. One person's negative critique of Blackstone does not diminish their product by much. If there are multiple problems with the company,  so be it...

As far as me finding it, "unfriggen believable" because this post dated a week after my correspondence with Blackstone stating that their will be no new models for "several months" is titled, "New B.S. Oven Version 2". The model I received did not come with the propane tank holder nor any other (possibly minor) upgrades. That is what I find unbelievable, yet only part of the reason I am not a satisfied customer.

I hope this addresses your questions and concerns and clears the air a bit.


PS ~ I didn't call Blackstone's support regarding the collar issue because it was after their operating hours.
Great reply and thanks for being direct. 

Absolutely, both negative and positive opinions are welcome.  It benefits all of us to better understand the plusses and minuses of every oven, every pizza making technique, etc.

It seems that the confusion over “Version 2” is due to Blackstone’s use of the same model number for the early oven and the newer propane holder oven is at fault.  Concerned buyers like you should read the main Blackstone thread where the differences were discussed at reply 3610 ( and sellers with the latest version were discussed at the bottom of reply 3641 (

As you know, you always have the option of returning the oven if you are not satisfied.