Author Topic: What kind of pan is it and how is it used?  (Read 54 times)

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What kind of pan is it and how is it used?
« on: January 24, 2015, 11:36:35 PM »
A pizza place went out of business. They walked out and left a bunch of misc. items. Among those items were what I'll call 2 piece perforated pizza pans. I've searched ebay and can't find them to see exactly what they are and what they might be worth.

The pan consists of a ring with a slight lip on it and then a flat piece that fits snugly inside the ring. Both pieces are perforated. I believe it is for sending the raw pizza through the oven and then enables you to remove the pizza from the pan by removing the outer ring and then the pizza itself from the inner pan.

Is that right? What kind of pan is this called?

I'll post pics if my description doesn't paint a clear picture.