Author Topic: Wooden peels commonly used for neapolitan pizza  (Read 87 times)

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Wooden peels commonly used for neapolitan pizza
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I believe I have posted about this before, but I want to ask the forum again.

Is anyone aware of a commercially available (in/to the USA) wooden peel (12"-15" in width) that gradually tapers to a flat (vs. rounded: edge? I seem to have found one option below, but I am not particularly enthusiastic about the price or design (or logo).!product-page/cg7d/2f020328-581f-5830-1cde-33a7e3b3d71f

A common example of what I'm imagining is captured in the following video:
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Re: Wooden peels commonly used for neapolitan pizza
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You bet!
Go to <> or check out the Portion Peel at <> or American Metalcraft at <>  I just got mine from Portion Peel and I really like in since it has laser etched circles on it for both 10 and 12-inch diameter pizzas. I believe it's also available in different sizes too.
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