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Re: Papa Johns Garlic Dipping Sauce
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See Reply 22 at,6758.msg59232.html#msg59232.


Pete I had just read that thread not too long ago.  That list of ingredients may be more trouble to replicate into a real sauce than it's worth.   The garlic dipping sauce I came up with is a simple tasty sauce. 

On a side note, I have been interested in making a PJ's clone.  Thank you for ALL the work and info.  I used your original formulation except I added starter and up the ADY so that I would be able to use it tomorrow night.  I haven't eaten a PJ's pizza in years, but decided to make something different (form NY) for a change.  Tomorrow night's pie does not have to be exactly like PJ's, I just wanted a change of pace.  Your sauce recipe is also very tasty.  I'll have some pics up tomorrow night.