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« on: May 09, 2014, 08:18:51 AM »
Hello, my name is Marie.  I live in  a small rural community in Nova Scotia Canada.  I am a self taught pizza  I have been at it since 1996 officially, however I have loved to make pizza since I was a little girl.
With the economic downturn here, I closed my brick and mortar business and put most of my equipment in a 20' cargo trailer which I take to events and have a regular base spot for when I am not at events.  I still maintain a take out only building to make pizza from in the winter months.
Every pizza I make thrills me just like the first one!  I have gained a good reputation for my pizza and enjoy meeting the people who come to try our pizzas.  I love trying new ideas and would love to share and learn from the pizza artists on this site.
I found this site while searching on the web... and it interested me very much.

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Please show us some pictures Marie! And welcome!!