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Hi Folks. New member here. Hello to all. I grew up and lived in NYC my whole life (outer-boroughs; Bk, Queens & Staten Island). I am joining the forum to search tips and tricks on NY Neapolitan Style Pizza. I worked in a pseudo pizzeria in Long Island while in College and then another one in Brooklyn, which was a real pizzeria, for a total of three years. My father and I have been true connoisseurs our whole lifes and have picked up our favorites along the way.

Currently my favorites are: New Park Pizza in Howard Beach, Amore's in Whitestone, Di Fara and L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn and Giove's in Staten Island.

Just bought a baking steel and looking to make somewhat NY style pizza in my oven or BBQ grill.

One of my true favorite styles of pizza is the upside down Sicilian from L&B Spumoni Gardens. It is made up of a square style pizza like a Sicilian dough but then comes the cheese on top of that and then the sauce on top of the cheese with a bit of sprinkled grated Parmesan on top. Originated in Brooklyn in two places that I am aware of, a place in Coney Island near where Ceasar Bay Bazaar used to be and L&B Spumoni Gardens.
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