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Caputo "00" Pizza A Metro
« on: June 12, 2014, 10:15:12 PM »
Anyone know where I can buy Caputo's new "00" Pizza A Metro flour in the U.S.?  Especially interested in 1 Kg bags, especially interested in being able to buy it in NYC.

For those who don't know, Pizza A Metro is Caputo "00" flour designed especially for lower temperature cooking.  From Caputo's Web site (

For those who pursue the highest-quality ingredients for superior pizza from New York-style to Chicago to Roman, Caputo has created Pizza A Metro.

Named for the “Pizza by the Meter” style that has its origins in Sorrento and Rome, Pizza A Metro creates soft, airy, flavorful dough with the unwavering consistency that has been Caputo’s trademark of quality since 1924.

Caputo Pizza A Metro is:
•Additive free and all-natural
•Milled slowly for optimal water absorption and superior yield
•A proprietary blend of the best wheat available on the global market
•Milled specifically for use at temperatures below 700°F

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Re: Caputo "00" Pizza A Metro
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I would call Orlando Foods, the importer of the Caputo flours:


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Re: Caputo "00" Pizza A Metro
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