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Re: 5 second search delay
« Reply #20 on: July 03, 2014, 09:54:37 PM »
Steve-I didn't know there were sustaining members, but after your post, I went looking, found out there were and signed up.  Great forum, I am learning a lot here.

Thanks, I spend a lot on dedicated hosting to ensure that this site is always available and is fast and reponsive. I also spend a lot of my time maintaining this site. This site will always be free to all, even when I have to pay the hosting fees from my personal funds. The GoogleAds help cover some of the expenses, as do the members who help support the site.

Craig, I didn't realize there was a 5 second delay between consecutive searches, I have since disabled it. The dedicated server that runs this site should be able to handle the load. Actually, I'm going to upgrade to a faster server in a few months because some searches are incomplete due to the large number of results returned. A faster server with more RAM is the only solution to this problem. Thanks for bringing this issue to my attention.
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