Author Topic: Neapolitan Pies - First time in a long time - would like criticism and pointers  (Read 947 times)

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Let's be mindful of Mitch's thread here please.  :chef:

Thanks Bob.  It's Ok with me although it may cause confusion.  I think I am done here, at least for now, especially since you busted my butt to stop my whining because everything is OK!!!!!   :'( :'( :'(

I will be back here after the next time I try a Neapolitan (week or 2 likely) and/or figure out a cheese that I like for these pies.

- Mitch

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Ok Mitch...hope you find some good cheese and we`ll see you back here next time through.
Maybe then I`ll ask about the "Guzunta Function".  8)
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I like char!

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I personally think a reasonable amount of char is how the perfect NP pie should be.

The only time I've felt my pies being overly bitter was when I was putting too much flour on my peel prior to launching. Burnt flour on the bottom can really ruin a good pie.