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First Runs of NY style
« on: August 04, 2014, 12:34:23 PM »
So i finally got around to attempting NY style Pizza. I had always made a bready uber simple dough before and after entering the realm of artisan breads i wanted to step up the game with my pizza too.

So i got myself a nice chunk of steel cleaned it up rounded the edges and seasoned it well. OFC being totally pumped i opted to try a "emergency dough" because couldn't wait for fermenting

I used this recipe (except with Pillsbury Bread Flour):,576.msg27251.html#msg27251
post 407

And the results:

Definitely more of a thin crust, not that good of development. Which may have been the 2hr room temp rise, flour or any number of things. I used canned sauce and you could tast it but the pies still were quite good.

this was actually a precursor to test how the steel works and techniques, so i could get it down for cooking pizzas at my brothers bachelor party. This time I used a 2 day cold ferment calculated with the Lehman dough calculator, to make 4 x 15" pies.

Will put recipie here when I get home.

The results : 

this time i got really good air pockets and formation i feel, although several of my skins were not stretched the best being in a hurry, and some odd packing for transport. It had a good feel and looked really good i used 6 in 1's which are omygosh i never thought i would want to eat tomatoes straight from a can, with some salt oregano and garlic. Next time it will just be salt. However i got a burnt taste on some of the pies, and the bones seemed crunchy/hard, am i overcooking it?

Doing this at my borthers with no peel or cookie sheet became quite the problem, i ended up having to use tinfoil wrapped around cardboard to serve as a peel to lauch from (tinfoil was heat shield for cardboard). This was quiet the trick being too that i was making 15" pies on a steel just over 15" wide. I had to use what i would think is way too much flour/selomina to get it to get off and this is what i'm guessing in part the burnt comes from a bit and perhaps trying to make pizzas like mad i could have gave more attention to the ones cooking to ensure proper doneness.

Input is appreciated.
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Re: First Runs of NY style
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2014, 12:46:04 PM »
I think your second attempt looks great. Overall I'd be very happy if I were you. A few questions:

What was the bake time & temp of that second pizza? Doughball weight?

Also it looks like you're using 3/8" steel? Any reason why you went with 3/8" and 15" width?

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Re: First Runs of NY style
« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2014, 01:08:02 PM »
weight/cost and oven size, steel is 20x15 at the time i got it i was like ooh thicker than industry standard, so 3/8" seemed good. Also this bugger takes soo long to heat up (could be older oven too) i would hate to think about a 1/2 in plate.

Oven temp 550, no infared yet so oven could be who knows how hot about 3min then broiler for another 3-5min hard to ell with skinning the next crust just tried to keep an eye on it

EDIT: no clue on the dough ball weight, but i will say this stuff was a joy to work with was 63% hydration or thereabouts measurement may have been off due to only getting 1 decimal place on my scale
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