Author Topic: Tonymark's Neapolitan Quest  (Read 5374 times)

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Re: Tonymark's Neapolitan Quest
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To curd the milk, traditionally they use a rennet from young veals (or little bufala) or a kids (young goat) ...


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Re: Tonymark's Neapolitan Quest
« Reply #21 on: August 22, 2006, 07:42:11 PM »
how did you like the Camaldoli compared to the one I gave you?


OK, I did the 65-70 F rise with the Patsy's culture.  After using the Camaldoli for the last 4 batches (14 pizzas over 40 days)  I must conclude that the Patsy's culture flavor is much more pronounced.  As soon as I tasted the first bite, I immediately remembered the flavor.  I think that I may be partial to the Patsy's culture.  Recipe and a few pictures are below.

I am having trouble getting a consistent temperature from my Ceramic cooker.  I think that I need to switch brands of charcoal.  BTW, I tried small wood chunks on it, but it can't seem to get enough oxygen to burn fast enough.  I think that it was never designed to burn wood.

318 g pizza at 13"

2/3 Caputo 00, 1/3 KABF
64 % hydration
8 % Patsy's culture
2.4 % salt

The color is crap, but the pie tasted great and completely cooked.  A familiar site for a mostly Caputo dough cooked at low temperatures.

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Re: Tonymark's Neapolitan Quest
« Reply #22 on: August 22, 2006, 10:24:14 PM »
The color is odd, but the texture looks good.  I saw your progress on another thread and your pies look very good.

FYI, in addition to Sugo, we went to Ecco tonight downtown near the vortex. Another outstanding place. Heather and I really hit back to back homeruns.  The panini was amazing, as was the cheese and meat plate and the tapas. The pizza is crispy flat bread though, like piebar.