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PMQ Pizza Radio
« on: August 09, 2006, 09:58:26 AM »
Recently, as an extension of its Think Tank forum and other media properties, PMQ has introduced a new feature called Pizza Radio, at To date, there have been interviews and Q&A sessions with Tom Lehmann, Chef Santo Bruno, and several other industry professionals.

Today, I listened to a Q&A session with Evelyne Slomon, and also three brief “Legends of Pizza” interviews between Albert Grande of and Chris Bianco, Gary Bimonte (of Pepe’s) and Peter Reinhart.

In her Q&A session, which runs about 14 minutes, Evelyne answers questions (some of which also appear on the Think Tank forum) about what to do if yeast is inadvertently left out of a dough, garlic knots, the use of romaine lettuce, and spiral mixing (including riposo/biochemical gluten development, and underkneading).

The interviews (by telephone) with Chris Bianco, Gary Bimonte, and Peter Reinhart run about 10-12 minutes each but with introductory, promotional and closing material consuming several minutes, the actual interviews are quite short and are obviously snippets from longer interviews. So, there won’t be a lot of “meat” to the abbreviated interviews or revelation of any deep dark secrets, although I did enjoy hearing Chris Bianco speak of his passion for pizza and Peter Reinhart’s discussion of Chris Bianco’s dough making techniques and a new Oregon pizza place that Peter thinks may be the next Bianco’s.