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Re: Mozzarella di Bufala survey
« Reply #20 on: September 24, 2006, 03:31:36 PM »
Yeah, I feel a little in the dark on this subject myself.  The only buffalo mozz. I've used on a pie has been the Bubalis which they sell at my local costco by the way for like $6.00/lb (good deal).  I find it to melt well (a little watery unless very well drained) and to have a more pungent tang than any fresh cow's milk mozz. I've tasted.  I certainly like it, even though good fresh cow mozz. is just as good if not better on a pizza IMO in its own way.  I just don't know if I've had the good stuff.  I got one small, expensive tub of imported bufala at Gelson's or Whole Foods once, and I didn't find it better than the Bubalis (maybe it wasn't that fresh judging by the texture).  Anyone here tried Bubalis as well as the good Imported stuff so that I can hear a comparison?  I'm so confused...
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