Author Topic: Caputo 00 flour by in your / area.  (Read 98 times)

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Caputo 00 flour by in your / area.
« on: March 18, 2015, 02:53:09 PM »
I notice many of you have issues finding Caputo 00 flour (red bag).
I thought I would share my luck in finding it.
Feel free to post yours and get the info out:

I bought it (Caputo tipo 00)  fo $3.69 (2.2 lbs) 1 kilo at:

San Marzano Tomatoes 28 oz can $3.29.
Soppresata (dried sausage, in mild, hot and XXX hot) $15 lbs sold by the stick) .

Westerly Packing Company
15 Springbrook Road
Westerly RI 02891

The have a large assortment of Italian meats and grocery items, if you ever bought soppresata AKA Soupy in a supermarket you have never had it.
Westerly is the Soupy central many there make it at home. I have been trying to learn to make soupy for years, many won't let the process out of the family. I was told by an Italian friend he could not bring me in because I am not Calabrese, others just said no it is a family secret. My wife has taken offence to this stating the tradition will die off if they are so uptight about who can learn. There was one time someone tried to give a class on it, tickets sold out in 2 hours, the locals freaked out and had it canceled. The town used the health department as an excuse, but I will cling to the conspiracy because it make a better story.

That said to to Westerly Packing if yo live in Southern RI or Northern CT (driving distance of Fox Woods is a good reference).

While I have had much homemade soupy, this is the best you can get outside of being in the inner circle.