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Operation of pizza delivery
« on: May 05, 2004, 08:58:26 PM »
I am University student and study in Australia.  I am doing some research about pizza delivery.  Details as below:-

1) I read some operation management textbook about the theroy of "process design requirement".  Do the pizza shop also make a list of the "pizza delivery process design requirements" in the real world? (I mean that the pizza delivery process will have to meet.)  If yes, could you tell me more detail about it?

2) Do the pizza shop use some methods about measure standard?  (I mean how to ensure that the process of pizza delivery is operating effectively and efficiently.)  Is it useful for the real life or just for theory??

3) In the competitive industry, all of companies make their really unique and creat a differential advantage.  In Australia, some supermarkets will provide some benefit for customer that to pay more for the privilege (spend over AUD30 and use the receipt to buy petrol for 4c discount in specific petrol station).  Do you think it is possible in the real world business??  or do you ve another idea to creat yr pizza a differential advantage (really unique)?? (Not the pizza itself)

Thank you for yr attention!!
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