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Tomato Powder
« on: October 27, 2014, 12:57:08 PM »
My first post here aside from that obligatory intro post. I've been lurking for a little bit and finding quite a few little tidbits of information that has already helped. My last two dough batches were so incredibly easy to work with thanks to you guys. I've forever changed to the that NY style cold ferment thing in the dough section. 

Anyhow, I'm using crushed tomatoes straight from the can for my sauce. There's this one brand that we absolutely love, and it's sort of become a signature flavor of my pizzas. It's the green label Tuttorosso that you can get from Berkeley & Jensen's warehouse club here in US-South East. They are horribly inconsistent, though, when it comes to water content. I hate straining them because I never get the thickness right. I did a search, during which I found this site and forum. In that search, I found someone stating that they use some tomato powder in their watery tomatoes. I read up on the stuff and ordered a jar.

Sunday was the latest effort. I had gotten a couple more 6-packs from the store. Sure enough, not as much water as the last few batches. There was some, though. I ended up using exactly one tablespoon of tomato powder and all was perfect. A nice and sloppy sauce, but no standing water. No making-the-dough soggy sauce like I have been fighting.

My strategy on the really high water content cans will be to strain water out, mix a teaspoon at a time into the strained water until it becomes sort of sauce-like, and then mix that back into the can of crushed tomatoes.

An added bonus, btw, is that this stuff has a nice, bright tomato taste. No acidic taste or anything of that nature. It basically allowed for the entirety of the contents of the can to be used. The final texture was exactly what I would hope to find every time I open a can of crushed tomatoes.

So that's it. I just wanted to share something that worked. I've seen quite a few notes here and there about watery crushed tomatoes and pouring down drains, mixing paste (blech!) into it and/or cooking it down. (blech again, but that's just my taste.) I hope this helps someone.  :)

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Re: Tomato Powder
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2014, 11:09:54 PM »
Tomato powder is neat stuff.  I've never actually put it in tomatoes, though...

What I do with canned tomatoes is strain them.  I use a fine mesh single strainer (one like, and strain over a mixing bowl.  Single mesh is important, it makes much easier to wipe the mesh with a rubber scrapper to get all the tomato out.  Straining over a mixing bowl lets me collect the liquid, and if strain too much, add some back in.