Author Topic: Which stuff to buy for P134H from  (Read 64 times)

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Which stuff to buy for P134H from
« on: Yesterday at 12:45:36 PM »
Hi folks,

received my Effeuno P134H two days ago unharmed and tried it out yesterday and very happy with the oven so far - a great improvement already from my Alfredo/Bestron DLC9070.

Now, besides working on my dough recipe and dough skills, I also want to buy some accessories from in order to have the optimum base for baking nice Neapolitan pies.

I was thinking about buying the following:

I already have this IR gun and this wooden pizza peel (33cm wide).

My questions are:
1. Can the stone easily break during shipping?
2. Does the stone only need special treatment before the first use (carefully heating it up etc.) or does one need to be extremely cautious always?
3. What is the expected lifetime of such a stone with home use? I read on this forum the "biscottos" will wear out over time?!
4. Using the steel frame and the biscotto, will this touch the lamp of the P134H? I do not want to do any hardware mods to it.
5. In addition to 4.: My pizza peel is almost as wide as the oven, will this cause problems with the lamp?
6. If 5. is the case, what pizza peel (maybe from as well) would you recommend buying?
7. Is that proofing box a good choice?
8. Anything else? :)

Thanks a lot!


Edit: Just noticed the proofing box + cover would cause an additional 60 Euros shipping, so forget about that part please, thanks. ::)
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Re: Which stuff to buy for P134H from
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Hi Martin,

the stone must be heated at only 100C few times to remove the residual moisture or cracks will happen.