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Pulled trigger on a Uuni 2
« on: Today at 07:19:37 PM »
I've been making pretty consistent dough now for a while, I decided that i would not look at pizza ovens until i could make consistent dough.
The pizza in our home oven are pretty good, however at max 300c, and using a pizza stone, the dough still doesn't pop like i've seen in a good WFO.

I have read reviews on the original Uuni, mostly seems people struggled to get a crisp base and often the ceiling temp was a little high.  Uuni have now brought out a revised model, which has a 4mm thick aluminium base plate.  They claim it does much better at crisping the base, cooking at a solid 450 degrees.

I spent about 3 days trying to convince myself to wait until some reviews popped up on this new model, and then decided i'd just buy one and do a review myself once i have it.  I'm guessing delivery will take a while from Finland, by boat it looks like.  Also they've only just started shipping the new model so i may be in a backlog of orders.
The next option (we rent an apartment, so the oven needs to go on our balcony) was something like the Forno Bravo, which retails around $1800.  This is a bit too much for me to spend at this point, so $440 delivered for the Uuni looks worth a shot.

Anyway, hopefully it arrives sooner than later and i can post up some reviews and comments.  Looking forward to cooking some pizza at proper temps!

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Re: Pulled trigger on a Uuni 2
« Reply #1 on: Today at 07:33:47 PM »
I had one of the originals and in the end it did not work for me - I hope the new model is better. I think it now has 4 legs (that fold), does not require a fan and is made of stainless steel, all three of those are nice updates (IMHO) - pls keep us posted and have fun!