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promo for the pizzadome 'bundle' ends today and i am halfway through making this purchase, but i stopped and have registered here to start a discussion about this product before i spend a considerable chunk of money (for me anyway) on something i wont be able to touch for months (as i am away from home, vagabonding) and which there is little info on and no reviews.

my favorite styles are new york style, i grew up in ny and know how amazing a great ny pie can be, as well as neapolitan. i make hybrid ny neapolitan pies myself, that is to say, basically new york style dough vs simple neapolitan, i add olive oil, and ny style sauce, long cook time to reduce and sweeten and herbs and seasonings added(including butter and olive oil) but i like to cook it as hot as possible in a dome oven, or any high temp oven so that the crust puffs up and gets a nice toasting and stays moist and chewy.

as a builder of ovens and rocket stoves, i was very excited when i stumbled across this thing which really resembles my design from over a year ago (see attachment) but in a modern high tech, engineered design which includes electricity generation via a thermoelectric generator which powers a fan for more efficient heating/fire and usb port to charge devices or power LED light banks, etc.

it is professionally manufactured in a way i could never do, looks great, especially if it can bake pizzas at the right (very high) temps, but it says, cooks a pizza in under TEN MINUTES! TEN minutes??? um, i know rocket stoves can reach very very high temps, i would think it could be possible to do it in 120 seconds or less, but maybe the removable dome and the lack of insulation/thermal mass prevents throwing a pizza into an insanely hot chamber and get the results i would like.

since this thing is so new, there are no reviews out yet, and even though it's being offered as a kit for $70 off the price they will sell for after today, is it worth over $300 of my hard earned money on an untested product? i mean i am sure they had to do months of testing, this was the stretch goal for a kickstarter project 2 years ago. the pizza they show in the press photo actually looks very very nice, i would be very happy to make pizzas that look like that if indeed that is the kind of pizza that that thing can make, but it's obviously on an unlit basecamp stove, and who knows what oven it was made in, there is no disclaimer or credit saying that the pizza was actually made with/on a basecamp pizzadome.

overall it seems very attractive to me, and there are cool features about this thing, but how often will i actually use it, and it might not be the easiest thing to store in my small nyc nano-apartment, although much better than an actual pizza oven, but i have been making acceptable pizzas in my crappy regular oven for years on a stone under the broiler.

if anyone has any info to share, any knowledge about this thing, or any thoughts or opinions if this is actually a good deal and/or a great alternative to making wood fired pizzas quickly and efficiently, please let me know as soon as possible, my order is on hold and time is running out.

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Chef trip,  I went to the website, and watched the video on the base camp stove, but didn't see much info on the pizza kit.  I don't see how it gets much in the way of top heat, which would explain why they describe 10 minutes as a bake time.  You could get the stone up to a pretty hot temp, but with no upper heat, you would char the bottom before the cheese melts.  It is an interesting option for use on the road, or at campsites,  though the results would probably not be as good as the Pizzeria Pronto outdoor oven  or their newly released stovetop model.  If you have access to a camp stove or gas grill , the Mighty Pizza Oven at least has an upper stone to give you some top heat.