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Re: WNY vs NYC
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I made the pizza's today, and the wny style was very good, but the lehmann dough I thought tasted better and felt better chewing, altough it was a little too thin in the center and was WAY unmanagable, it was soft as hell, the doughball stretched way too easily. I used 65+% hydration on the lehmann. The wny version on the other hand could be slapped out into a skin perfectly.  I used a 1/4 tsp ady in 110 water for both.  I topped it with my sauce and sorrento low moist part skim and margherita pepperoni, and hot banana peppers, canned mushrooms and olives.  I've found the secret to wny style dough is to use a criscoed aluminum pan instead of a screen.
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Re: WNY vs NYC
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Now you can see why I went to a lower hydration from the original 65%+ that I first tried with the Lehmann dough. But, that is OK. That is how you learn. Some NY style dough recipes call for around 70% hydration. If you really want to test the outer limits of a NY style dough, you should try that one some time :D.

With the ADY, it wouldn't be necessary for you to use all 110 degree water--only the small amount used for proofing purposes. The rest of the water is best kept cool for the Lehmann style dough.