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Re:Ready to make pizza!
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The Bonta pizza sauce with basil was close to the consistency of tomato paste. Very thick! So thick that you'd have to add water to get the right consistency. I mixed it 50:50 with 7/11 sauce and it was still too thick. The Bonta pizza sauce, while good, was not as flavorful as their 6-in-1 product. It must be due to the thickness (i.e., cooked down). It did have a nice fresh basil flavor. I need to experiment more with this sauce. I can't wait to try the Bonta tomato puree and the Bonta concentrated crushed tomatoes.


Just left my local "best" new york style pizza place.   On the way to the bathroom what did I see?

Cans of sauce!  Jackpot.   Looks like they had several Bonta Extra Heavy Pizza Sauce with Basil and even more cans of Nina San Marzano tomatoes.  My guess is that they must do some kind of mixture with the 2.  Maybe 75% nina / 25% bonta....who knows.

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Re:Ready to make pizza!
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Beware when spotting used cans of tomato sauce at resturants.
Why you ask, because if the also serve pasta they will likely be using different tomatoes for the different sauces. ;D
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