Author Topic: Hobbies? what you do for fun.  (Read 4476 times)

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Re: Hobbies? what you do for fun.
« Reply #20 on: January 18, 2007, 11:26:22 PM »
My oldest boys undefeated state champion football team. My youngest boys temper tantrums.
Fishing and crabbing.
Working on my Bronco.
Home Improvement.
BBQ in the summer.
Nursing the kegerator.

Am expecting our third child so this list will most likely change!!
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Re: Hobbies? what you do for fun.
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I can't wait to introduce trains to my daughter.  Its funny, I think that it was either Steve or Pete-zza stated that there was a woman who made a cross on her dough, for could be many reasons....and it had me thinking when my daughter helps me cook.  By the way, she loves it and I think all kids should bond with their family that way.  But anyway, after the dough comes out of the workbowl, she cuddles the dough ball and gives it a lil kiss to ensure that it will rise.  I think that its the cutest thing, and makes me happy that she respects the food.  Adam

My daughter is 16 months; a little young to be cooking, but she sure loves to watch papa cook, esp. when I'm chopping veggies and she wants to be picked up.

I make a point of showing her as much cooking as I can (she's afraid of the tools in the woodshop) so I can have a little helper one of these days.

And she's fascinated with the brick oven.  Hopefully, soon (maybe Friday, in fact) I'll give her a little dough ball to play with.

Mama will LOVE removing 64% hyrdation dough from her hair!
Since joining this forum, I've begun using words like "autolyze" and have become anal about baker's percents.  My dough is forever changed.