Author Topic: are there alot of threads with video footage of chicago deep dish resturants?  (Read 1572 times)

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i love watching the chicago style deep dish/stuffed places (videos of them making the pizzas) it was on the FN the other day of ginos eats i figured i would abbreviate it, are there videos on this site (links/threads/favorites) of people on this forum do you guys have links of videos  ?

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 I have found some videos on Youtube but i do not have the links. Search Chicago deep dish pizza.
I did catch something this morning on WGNtv Chicago about a charity event with Lou Malnatis pizza. What i found interesting is after the cook layed down the sliced cheese. They use a big laddle of what looked like whole peeled tomatoes in puree(probably deseeded?) right in the center. The cook then spread the mixture and pressed/crushed the tomatoes with his hands. It looked like he really pressed down hard to crush the tomatoes. After that he sprinkled what looked like 1/8-1/4 cup of parmesan cheese. I wish i had this video for others to check out but i still wanted to realy what i observed. Hope you have a good imagination.       Chiguy
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I have watched a show on the Food Network called Road Tasted where they goto Lou Malnati's and help make a pizza.... here is a link for the times that the show will air,2857,FOOD_26716_45961,00.html

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