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Re:Dough Temperature
« Reply #20 on: October 19, 2004, 10:09:10 AM »
il pizzaiolo,

The only place I have seen small bags of the Caputo 00 flour is at Molino Caputo's website at  Some while back, I spoke to a fellow by the name of Mortati at Orlando and he promised to send me a sample of some of the Caputo 00 flour, presumably in a small bag.  He then went on a business trip to Italy and I didn't get the flour.  He had mentioned a place in Virginia that sells the Caputo flour but it turned out to be a wholesaler that sells only to the trade.  I am away from my home base, but if you are interested in the name of that outfit, I can give it to you when I get back home later this week. 

Thanks for the offer to send me some of the Caputo 00 flour.  However, I plan to be in NYC over the Thanksgiving holiday and was planning to stop in at Naples 45 to see the chief pizza maker with whom I occasionally correspond via email.  He uses the Caputo flour based on a blend that he was familiar with from the days when he lived around Naples and learned the craft.  I should be able to get a sample of the flour from him.