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Recent Forum/Settings Changes
« on: October 12, 2007, 02:58:14 PM »
New and existing users of the forum will want to take note that, in the spirit of keeping the forum as open as possible to users, Steve, the administrator of the forum, has changed the settings of the forum to allow all users greater access to the forum without having to register. So, it will no longer be necessary for prospective users to register with the forum solely to gain access to information that was previously off limits to nonmembers, such as photos, or to conduct comprehensive searches. However, it will be necessary for prospective users to register to be able to enter posts (including those with photos), to have access to membership and similar data, and to be able to use the personal message (PM) "backbone" to communicate directly and privately with other members and also be able to save PM messages (depending on the membership level).

Hopefully, the changes will encourage users who do decide to register to become active members of the forum and, through their posts, make positive contributions to the body of pizza making knowledge on the forum.

No doubt there will be some people who will join just to ask a question or two for which they have not been able to find an answer, or to bypass the membership in general by going directly to specific members to pose their questions (by using the PM backbone). In most cases, those people tend to disappear once they have an answer or have gotten no answer. I have personally received a fair number of such questions from newly-minted members over the PM backbone. Going forward, I plan to refer most such questioners to the forum in general since the answers may have value to others besides the questioners.

Since the forum changes are recent, there may be some glitches or issues that we have not anticipated. I recently logged off of the forum just to work the forum from the nonregistered user's perspective and did not note any problems. I was able to see photos, conduct elaborate searches, and to print out information. Apart from membership-related features, I did not find any content off limits (including the Pizza Glossary, book reviews, dough calculating tools, etc.)

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