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NY pizza to go
« on: July 29, 2007, 03:02:18 AM »
well,I'm finally flying out to NYC on 8/7 for 3 days of pizza..I even got a hotelroom one block away from Lombardi's..I'm still not sure if I'll be going to DiFara in seems like some of the reviews as of late haven't been top notch..I even heard that he was still closed down due to health code violations and for not wanting to wear plastic gloves which I could care less about..if the pizza is good that's all that matters to me..

awhile back I wrote a post about trying to bring back pizza on the plane from NYC..I recieved many good suggestions but one thing I didn't think about was the cabin pressure..I recently flew to Nashville and brought a friend some sourdough bread from San Francisco and it was sucked in like a truck drove over it ;D from the plane flight..
but maybe I'll gamble on it..the crust won't be perfect and it'll be about 12 hours from the pizzaria to my fridge at home but then again back in college we ate left over pizza that was probally 2 days old and still lived to tell many a tale..
I'll be giving a Pizza report of my adventures..I'll be hitting up as many places as possible and pass it along..I just hope my wife puts up with my pizza enthusiasm ::)
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