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Re: Evolution of the NY Style Pizza (Split Topic)
« Reply #175 on: October 31, 2015, 01:38:54 PM »
It is taking longer than expected to get an article/story ready about the Mastro family and how they greatly contributed to NY style pizzas, and the birth of the first gas deck ovens for NY style pizzas. More information is found each week.  Madeline's memory is still sharp as a tack and she has, and is going to provide many articles, photos and receipts.  Peter has graciously said he would keep all of the information in one place, so if something happens to Walter's computer or mine, he will still have the information, voice recordings and videos.  Scott Wiener also is keeping everything we send him in a folder.  When Scott has time he will look at everything we found so far and the videos.  Scott said by mid November he might have time to start looking at everything.

Amber, from the Library of Congress has found many interesting articles.  These are 2 of them.  I am guessing they were on microfilm. They are difficult to read, unless a magnifying glass is used. 

What prompted me to make this post was the one article called NY style pizzas “Big Sloppy Round Ones”.  I had to chuckle about that phrase for NY style pizzas because I never heard it before.  I wonder what would happen now if we called our NY style pizzas “Big Sloppy Round Ones”.  :-D