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Comstock Castle PO31 oven
« on: October 03, 2004, 10:47:54 PM »
This is a little countertop guy...
 My cousin has rented a restaurant, that is now just a bar. About 5 years ago, the landlord was operating a restaurant as the 2nd generation at this location He got a chance to relocate about 8-10 blocks away, in a far better location. All kitchen equipment that was not bolted down made it to the new restaurant. All that remains is the counters and sink. The first tenant moved in about a year later as just a bar. He never did well.
 He opened September 2001. On July 24, 2003 New York banned smoking pretty much everywhere indoors. The landlord's new place has a patio and he can still offer a little smoking area outside in warmer months. His old place doesn't.
 Seems this killed places like his tenant. They closed down when the lease was up in August 2003. The place sat emply for a year.
 Anyhow I want to use the kitchen. My cousin found a "like new" Comstock Castle PO31 oven for $1,000 at a local dealer. The dealer offers a 5 day exchange and a 30 day warantee on used equipment.
Is this a good oven? I used to make pizza for a small place. We had a Baker's Pride GP-62 a double deck oven with individual doors (this oven has one door for both decks) It has 90,000 btu for both decks, which are 26x29.5". The new oven is only 30,000 btu and the decks are 20.5x31.5 .
Anyone cook with the Comstock Castle? Are the burners too small? Is openiong and closing for the two decks in one door going to "kill the oven" and render it too cold? Thanks.