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Re: Little Black Egg Convert
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The flour was 60% Mollini Pizza Flour and 40% AP Flour only because I'd run out of Mollini and to answer your question re the crust it was a little disappointing in comparison to my last few pies :( The crust wasn't as light and springy considering my hydration, mixing technique  & oven temps have been quite consistant.
To be honest as much as I love the simplicity of the LBE I'm thinking of ditching it and building a 'proper wood fired pizza oven'. At this point in time I wouldn't have clue where to start but once I've  throw myself into the project well hopefully I won't be biting off more than I can chew.Hoping to glean lots of info from this site on the subject, the need for a new challenge has been gnawing away in my head for a while now, so with a bit of luck it will be smooth sailing ???.

ps.. haven't tried the Philly Steak recipe yet  but it's still definitely one I'm keen to taste :chef:

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Re: Little Black Egg Convert
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It's the real deal, and anything that is the real deal always has the potential of producing results of the highest quality.

I don't have any experience with wood burning ovens. The one thing that would be the real consideration for me, is the time it takes to get the oven up to speed. And the cost of the wood. The convenience of gas is fantastic, and the speed of the oven warm up is only 25-30 minutes for me. It  seems that
a wood burning oven would be much longer. That being said, having the situation that a wood burning oven would work as an additional option would be pure luxury and tuns of fun.

You can't go wrong with the Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. The thing that adds to the fun with the PCS Pizza is the options with the cheese and steak (beef), endless possibilities. ;D

You got the bake down. I'll bet its the quality of the flour that will be your biggest contributor.

I'm experimenting with dough dressings. A great area of distinction.

MWTC  :chef: