Author Topic: Attempt at making "Casey's General Store" gas station pizza  (Read 4749 times)

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Re: Attempt at making "Casey's General Store" gas station pizza
« Reply #180 on: October 03, 2014, 07:39:50 PM »
Breakfast of Champions........ 8)
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Re: Attempt at making "Casey's General Store" gas station pizza
« Reply #181 on: October 20, 2014, 10:14:02 PM »
This weekend I attempted the Casey's Clone. I used Jake's version from reply 160. Overall it turned out close but not exactly what I remember. It's been several months since I've had Casey's so my memory is may not be perfect.

I scaled the recipe to 14" , see below, but I still found it thinner than I expected, even though my pan was 13"(dark non stick) .  I used King Arthur Bread Flour. Great Value Whole Milk Mozzarella, and a tomato paste based sauce. Things I plan to change for next time:

Larger ball - 14.4oz, I think, was a little small. Probably scale it up to about 16oz for a 14".
Slightly higher hydration, it was a little too crispy and most of the Casey's pizza I've had are just above undercooked(I'm going for accuracy).
Slightly lower sugar, may have been my sauce but the dough seemed a little sweet.
Little more cheese. I used about 7.5 ounces. Will shoot for 8-8.5 ounces next time.

Jake - I found a packet of whey protein at Hy-Vee. I tossed the package but I think it was this: It was in the the supplement section. There was a larger bag of Bob's Mill Sweet Dairy Whey available but it was $16.

Flour (100%):    243.24 g  |  8.58 oz | 0.54 lbs
Water (50%):    121.62 g  |  4.29 oz | 0.27 lbs
IDY (2%):    4.86 g | 0.17 oz | 0.01 lbs | 1.62 tsp | 0.54 tbsp
Salt (2%):    4.86 g | 0.17 oz | 0.01 lbs | 1.01 tsp | 0.34 tbsp
Vegetable (Soybean) Oil (5%):    12.16 g | 0.43 oz | 0.03 lbs | 2.68 tsp | 0.89 tbsp
Sugar (5%):    12.16 g | 0.43 oz | 0.03 lbs | 3.05 tsp | 1.02 tbsp
Sweet Dried Dairy Whey (4%):    9.73 g | 0.34 oz | 0.02 lbs | 3.22 tsp | 1.07 tbsp
Total (168%):   408.64 g | 14.41 oz | 0.9 lbs | TF = 0.093636

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Re: Attempt at making "Casey's General Store" gas station pizza
« Reply #182 on: October 21, 2014, 09:44:12 AM »
Nice lookin pizza Les.  :chef:
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Re: Attempt at making "Casey's General Store" gas station pizza
« Reply #183 on: October 21, 2014, 10:25:24 AM »

Your pizza does look good.

I think the changes you have in mind are reasonable under the circumstances. As noted in Reply 106 at,32972.msg329860.html#msg329860, I estimated a hydration swing of between 45% and 55%, so there is room for playing around with the hydration value. As for the sugar, there were gaps in the Casey's nutrition information that prevented calculating an amount of sugar to use. That applied to the oil as well. So, some tweaking of these ingredients may be required so long as the pecking order remains the same. Remember, also, that the type of oven you are using at home will not perform the same as the conveyor ovens used by Casey's. Conveyor ovens have controlled top heat that works differently than with a standard home oven. I learned this when I worked on reverse engineering and cloning the Papa John's pizzas.


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Re: Attempt at making "Casey's General Store" gas station pizza
« Reply #184 on: October 21, 2014, 05:37:53 PM »
Lespaul, I am glad to see that you tried this pizza.  Looks pretty darn good and I am glad you think it is close.  Thanks for trying it!

I will say it is not a perfect clone but pretty close.  I suspect that is due to the lack of all the chemical additives.  I stand behind my belief that the pizza being sold today at Casey’s is not the stuff of yesteryear.  I know we used to pull dough that had been fermenting from the cooler, and I believe all of the chemical additives in today’s mix are trying to recreate that flavor in a same day dough.

That being said, it took some time, and tweaking of ingredients, before I felt it was the right flavor.  I think that the cheese and sauce are as important to the overall flavor of the finished pie as the crust is.  I tried the Great Value whole milk mozzarella and feel the flavor of that cheese was not in line with the flavor profile of Casey’s.  The closest I have come so far is Trader Joes, but I may try the Stella at some point (maybe not?) 

I would also recommend upping the weight of both the dough ball and the cheese even more!  We have confirmed these things to be true for a large 14” Casey’s

Dough: 17 or 18 ounces (depending on location)

Cheese: 379 grams, or 13.37 ounces

Pepperoni: 33 slices weighing 57 grams, or 2.01 ounces

Sauce: 130 grams, or 4.59 ounces (maybe a little less)

Bake: 465 in a Lincoln impinger conveyor for 6 (or 6 ˝ ) minutes

I have been cooking at 480 for up to eight minutes to get the cheese to melt.  This has led to a darker crust but never have I had any kind of crispy crust.  I will agree with you that old Casey's pizza was just shy of being under cooked, and I kind of liked that.  However it had been some time since I had purchased Casey’s when this thread was started, and the pizza they are selling today is thinner, darker, and crispier than any pizza I remember from my youth. 

A note on the thickness factor ; 
Dough (18 ounces) is for a large (14") pizza; the corresponding thickness factor = 18/(3.14159 x7 x 7) = 0.11693
17oz will result in TF 0.110434
TF 0.09  (18 ounces) is for a 16" pizza which is what I have been using lately.  This was initially a mistake but we liked the result and feel it is closer to what we have actually purchased lately.

As for the whey, I was under the impression that the whey protein concentrate supplement, was not the same as baker’s whey.  I would be interested if anyone has more information than I have been able to find on this matter

Anyway Lespaul, I hope you liked it enough to try it again and hope to hear from anyone else who may try it.
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