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And I thought pineaplpe was bad .......
« on: July 26, 2008, 09:03:04 AM »
Eco Restaurant introduces Pregnancy Pizzas
17th July 2008
By Staff Writer
Eco Restaurant has introduced new pizzas designed specifically for pregnant women called Pregnancy Pizzas.   

These pizzas were devised by owner Charmaine Wasif for the Eco restaurant in Chiswick, west London.
According to the company, Ms Charmaine launched the pizzas after receiving requests from pregnant women craving bizarre toppings which normal pizza restaurants refused to cater for. Ms Charmaine's first request was for an ice cream pizza which combines mozzarella, ham, cranberries and pistachio ice cream.

The Pregnancy Pizza range now has eight different pizzas, devised by Ms Charmaine with advice from nutritionist Sarah Schenker.

Ms Charmaine said: "Within one week three pregnant women came into the restaurant asking if I wouldn't mind putting toppings on their pizza which aren't on our usual menu. My view is the customer is always right, and although I haven't had kids myself I knew that pregnant women sometimes like something out of the ordinary to eat."
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