Author Topic: Why do I fight the dough ???  (Read 7026 times)

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Re: Why do I fight the dough ???
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Yes,  Jeff's method works beautifully.  The autolyse process,  and the five minute wet mix/knead with 75% of the flour before adding the remaining 25% of flour is excellent.  My cold fermented dough is so extensible,  that it just stretches like crazy while doing the knuckle hanging stretch.  Sometimes it stretches so fast that I get worried because I've got such a large portion of the dough on top of my hands and dont want the rest of it to be paper thin,  with the other side big and thick.  Actually,  I should revise that statement as I dont do it like Dom is doing it,  my skinning process has turned into a three step process basically.  1) I place the dough on top of my fists and do a slight spin/stretch.  This is where the dough stretches extremely quickly, and flops down onto my arms,  then  2) I change to the technique I saw on Youtube video's which I believe are from Bill (one of the moderators on here) where you basically grip the ring with both hands and work your way around the dough keeping a portion on the dough on the table while you're turning it.  3) then I flop it out onto the floured board and do the spin stretch to form it into the final skin.
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Re: Why do I fight the dough ???
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I was very pleased with the results.  A few weeks ago, when the dough didn't cooperate I upped the hydro and it did stretch a little but it ripped like wet newspaper.  After carefully reading Jeff's page I realized what I was doing wrong.  The dough stretched like a dream and never ruptured.  I could essentially do what I wanted with it.  Again I was very pleased with the results.