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Whole mess of firsts in here
« on: September 28, 2008, 03:40:20 PM »
Today I made my first pizza using KA bread flour, first time using my Ischia starter, first time I used a digital scale for measuring,  first time I followed Varasano's directions for dough.  I only made dough for one pie,  per his chart.  I autolysed for about 25 minutes,  incorporated the rest of the flour,  and then actually hand kneaded the dough,  instead of finishing in my KA mixer.  I used tap water,  and my salt was a Tone's product of sea salt AND parsley,  I try to eliminate as much of the parsley as I can.  As you can see,  it is a very american pizza, pepperoni, red onion, banana peppers and bagged mozz.  I do not have a peel,  and have been resorting to using my glass cutting board with a light dusting of corn meal(sorry to all the purists! LOL)  This dough ball was refrigerated overnight and countered for about 2 hours prior to skinning today.  The dough was very nice,  very silky and smooth,  stretched nicely,  better than any I have done so far.  The dough ball should have weighed 299g according to the chart,  I weighed it today after the refrigerating at 279g,  so it measured out to about 11 inches in diameter when stretched.  Cooked at 550 on a pampered chef stone on the bottom rack.  First thing I noticed was that the crust seemed pretty salty,  but was very flavorful.  I did opt to add the ADY as per his directions as I wasnt getting as much rise as I'd liked,  and in fact,  this one didnt rise as much as I'd hoped either.  maybe im saucing too close to the rim?  my camera is crappy,  and I cant seem to get close up shots in focus.  Please dont be too hard on me,  I think this is the only 13th pizza I've made from scratch.  One of the things that happened with my last couple pizza's was that the crust would not brown up,  so I ended up cooking them a bit longer,  which is what gave me the way too crispy crust,  well,  that and the fact that I refrigerated the balls overnight instead of using them  immediately as the recipes author intended.  As you can see,  this crust did not brown much either,  might have been able to leave it in the oven for another minute or so possibly(probably should have,  looking at it in the pics now)
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