Author Topic: Pizza Places With Conveyor Belt Ovens?  (Read 915 times)

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Pizza Places With Conveyor Belt Ovens?
« on: November 22, 2008, 09:13:47 PM »
Ive now learned to avoid them places that cook in those ovens like the plague.I reside in KY and cant believe that hardly any pizza places around here cooks with a traditional deck door oven or even knows what a peel is.
(I grew up in NY so Im a bit hard to please when it comes to pizza,I admit that.)

I drove 60 miles to try Pizza I never had before,and I seen they had the conveyor oven when I walked in.

Decided to try it anyways...As predicted,Pizza was awful,crust tasted no better than Tony's frozen pizza.Every place that cooks on these ovens all have the same terrible crust and burned cheese.

They place em on screens and let them go through a conveyor oven that takes the longest time to cook and has the worst tasting crusts I ever had.Maybe its called American style,but man,is this becoming the norm with new places and new chains?

Next time I go try a Pizza place I never had,Im gonna call ahead and ask them what kind of oven they have.If they use a conveyor belt oven,Im not gonna go.Theres not alot around here so its usualy a long road trip anyways.

I know if I were to ask if its american or ny-napo style crusts,the teenage HS droids on the phone probably wouldnt know what Im talking about anyways.

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