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Last night's dough - Dry versus soft
« on: January 09, 2015, 08:48:47 AM »
So, last night I made dough for monday night.  I usually make it Friday night, but have been wanting to try it a night earlier to see how it affects the flavor.  I also  really wanted to sling a Margherita pie last night, so I made extra.  Using a scale in combination with look and feel has helped me achieve a consistent dough every week.  Three dough balls were oiled in placed in tins.  Monday's two balls went to the fridge, while last night's dough sat out for about three hours before baking.
I baked last night's pie using the same process I've been using.  5 minutes at 500, rotate 180 and bake 2 additional minutes, then 1 1/2 to 2 minutes with the broiler.  Monday's pies have been consistently brown and crispy on the bottom, soft on the inside.  Last night's same day pie was brown and crispy, but also a bit dry and tough. 
I'm curious if anyone else has experienced that?  Is there a correlation between a same day dough ball used within a few hours of mixing versus a dough ball allowed to develop in the fridge for several days?  Or could it be that the oven was on for possibly a much longer time before the pie went.  I would guess it's about a 45 minute warm up at most on Mondays.  Last night might have been close to double that time.
It was a really enjoyable pie.  The finished crust was just different crust than I was expecting.       

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Re: Last night's dough - Dry versus soft
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2015, 09:46:33 AM »
.......but also a bit dry and tough.....         
It's my understanding that the extra days are supposed to relax the dough and lose some toughness. To that end alone, it would make sense that the same day bake would be tougher. There are probably a dozen other factors at work, so no idea if it's the actual cause or not, in this specific case. I'm sure folks make same day dough that isn't tough all the time. 
Did Monday's bakes with the other two balls come out normal? 
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Re: Last night's dough - Dry versus soft
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2015, 09:56:57 AM »
Last night's bakes were as expected.  Same process:  5 minutes at 500, rotate and 2 more minutes, then the broiler on high for about 90 seconds.  Nice browning on the top and bottom.  The crust was very tasty, and soft on the inside, and not dry.  I can understand that a same day bake of the same dough would be tough.  I'm more curious why the same day bake was dry.  That would tell me that a same day dough needs a little extra water.   
I generally refuse to do a same day pie for others, so I don't worry about serving them a dry pie.  I reserve the same day pies for my own enjoyment.