Author Topic: Getting Closer to Patsy's Pizza  (Read 14878 times)

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Re: Getting Closer to Patsy's Pizza
« Reply #40 on: June 01, 2005, 08:27:25 PM »
ok went to china town sunday. passed lombardi's coal oven pizza on spring st. at about 2 p.m. what a line out the door!!!!!!!!!!  went shopping and had a little chinese to eat. then  went to coeny island to hit. that coal oven place on neptune ave. got ther late about 7;30 p.m. they were closing . so no pizza. haven't ate there in 20 years.  back to spring st. and tried to get into lombardi's. no luck, line was still out the door and they would not even let us wait. closes at 10. but i got a good look at the pies. as i went to the restroom. they looked a bit thick and maybe a bit under cooked.  and if you could name the type of pie / i think i saw it. salad. veggy etc. seems the kitchen is off limits.  it's a very commerical operation.  i didn't get that coal oven smell or the right feeling, but i may try on a weekday night. as i never ate there. i wasn't impressed by the looks of the pizza'S i saw. ended up at pasty's as jose' made us a nice fresh mozz /sausage pie burnt . that's my latest pizza story. with a lot of driving. only to end up at patsy's.  john