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Have a good PowerPoint Map?
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I am looking for a shareware or no-fee map of the western US & Canada.  It will be used in PowerPoint to map out individual territories (a state, multiple states, and/or multiple states and provinces) Because of the overlapping territories between individuals - I need to be able to separate or otherwise group individual states / provinces. I'm attaching a general (but poor) example of the kind of map I'm looking for. The key is, unlike this example, I do need to be able to move each object independently of the rest of the map.

I looked on Google & Bing images. I found some vector maps but I can't justify a $25  fee for my purpose.  The image repository for clip art @ Microsoft on-line has only Expedia maps and others not suitable for my purpose. If you have a lead on a site or a map of your own you can share, please reply. I'll PM you my email address.

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