Author Topic: Baker's yeast quantity prediction model - please compare to your results  (Read 8693 times)

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After reading through the thread it doesn't appear that many have used the chart for cold fermentation. In looking over my notes and checking out the original chart and comparing it to the latest their is quite a change in the amount of ADY used at my usual 39 degrees/96 hour cold ferment. The original chart has it at 0.084 and the updated has it at 0.042. I went with the 0.042 last night for pizza on Sunday. I'll report back on the results.


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Thanks JB. I've looked at literally 100+ cold fermentation data points, and to say that they are all over the map would be an understatement. The one (and only) benefit of cold fermentation is the flexibility it allows with respect to timing. This model is only designed to provide a starting point. Maybe you can get away with less than indicated in the sub-40F zone, however you can certainly push things a lot longer.
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