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Re: Post a Pic of Your Pie - Daily Update
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That makes perfect sense Don.  I guess its just funny that they make this high protein flour and then we reduce the protein by cutting it back to perhaps what a normal bread flour would be.  I suspect I will experience the same results as you.  I bought this huge bag of flour at restaurant depot which is ridiculously large and the thought of cutting it in half makes me chuckle as I'll never get through it!   :-D  Oh well ..  Better hit the treadmill early to work off all this pizza I'll be eating.  :-D
I hope you try PFM Power at 100%. Your experience with it will be helpful to you and the forum. I agree about blending being a bit silly. At the same time - all AP gets me a French bread like crunchy crust and won't keep a very thin thickness factor after baking desired in a NY-ish style.  Adding some Power Flour resolved that for me. However, I may not have spent enough time learning how to make better dough with all HG flour.
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