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Re: The Pizza Bible
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The book is a fun read.  I felt like he was talking to me.   Not dry like a chem book.

I went to Tony's restaurant a couple of times in S.F. so I had some frame of reference.  His Nea pie is very good, tomato pie ok and Detroit pie dreadful, dreadful to the point that no one in our party got past the second bite.

I decided to try his Sicilian pie recipe with starter.  I substituted fresh yeast for the ADY, did not use diastatic malt, and reduced the pan oil by 1/2 as it called for 1/3 cup.  I do not consider these three changes too impactful.  I did follow his work flow.

Picutre #1 is the dough following the par bake.
           #2 is the finished pie
           #3 crossection
           #4 bottom of crust

The sauce was a setup for failure as it had a large amount of tomato paste which I otherwise never use.  It reminded me of an old Dominoes pie(cardboard bottom, paste for sauce, and some white stuff on top).  Bring your own sauce to this party.

The crust was very crispy, crumb tender and open, but the bottom was way too oily

Tony tries to draw a parallel with his pie and L and B Spumoni Gardens(Bkln).  No Way!!


Bobino, what was the tomato pie like at Tony's place?

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Re: The Pizza Bible
« Reply #221 on: November 24, 2014, 06:14:34 PM »

Bobino, what was the tomato pie like at Tony's place?

Tony has 2 1/2 different tomato pies.  The first one I had was the coal fired  "Original Tomato Pie with Cheese" typical for a coal oven pie no pasty sauce, decent crispy crust. I would get this again.  I do not have a photo of this one.

The second tomato pie I had was his "Classic American Jersey's Original Tomato Pie"
Crust ok, sauce pasty, overall pie on the dry side.  Would not get again. Photo #1.

The third pie is not listed as a tomato pie "Spacca Napol" made with bufala and lots of cherry tomatoes in WFO.  Very good crust.  Better than the first two.  Photo#2.