Author Topic: Unglazed quarry tile assembly and moisture from different pizza dough  (Read 1779 times)

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I am in college and looking to make some good pizza for cheap. I read posts that suggested buying unglazed quarry tiles through Home Depot. How do I place the stones in my gas oven and do i place the pizza directly on it? ALSO, if making a pizza dough using sweet potato and whole wheat flour, should I be worried about moisture? I am new to pizza making so please be as detailed as possible! Thank You!

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Re: Unglazed quarry tile assembly and moisture from different pizza dough
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Did anyone have any advice on setup for cooking/grilling with the quarry tiles.  I am thinking about selling my whole wheat pizza at farmer markets and thought I would use my grill to do the cooking.  I usually make my pizza in the oven with my pizza stone but I have read that using the quarry tiles will do the trick and for the cost I thought I would give it a go.  I figured I would start by putting a stone on the grates and then put some bricks on the side of the tile and then stack another tile on top to create an oven like feel.  Also read about putting foil around the inside of the grill but that really did not make sense.  I was also thinking I would put a container of water with wood chips to create some type of smokey flavor.  Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.