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The Mass-Volume Conversion Calculator calculates a substance's mass of a given volume relative to its compaction dynamics. It is still common to find volumetrically measured ingredients, even where by weight is deemed more accurate; or ingredients measured by weight when a scale is not available. In these cases, this tool provides an accurate way to convert from one method of measurement to the other, due to the compensation for a granular substance's tendency to compact under its own weight. Some common incompressible liquids have also been added for your convenience.

Mass-Volume Conversion Calculator


Measurement Method

The Textbook method is recommended to provide consistent and reliable results when measuring flour. It involves stirring the flour in the container to loosen, repeatedly lifting the flour from the container into a measuring cup, and leveling off the flour in the cup with a flat edge.

Measurement Conversion

Mass → Volume Volume → Mass

Enter the total mass of the substance into the Total field after choosing the desired unit of measure and deselecting unavailable cups.
    1/3 cup(s)
        3/4 cup(s)
    1/4 cup(s)
        2/3 cup(s)
        1/2 cup(s)

Mixed Mass Percentage Calculator

Choose substance A or enter a percentage:


Choose substance B or enter a percentage:


Enter the target mass and percentage:

% → Mass Mass → %

Credit to Christian Humphrey (Red November) for developing this tool.